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Panginoon Gawin Mo Akong Makabuluhan

Panginoon, Gawin Mo Akong Makabuluhan

Panginoon, gawin Mo akong makabuluhan sa araw-araw. Tulungan Mo akong pasayahin ang aking magulang, kapatid at mga kaibigan.

Choose to Start With A Good Laugh

Choose to Start with a Good Laugh

Choose to start with a good laugh while watching everything bloom.
It is a rebirth, a positive choreograph. Dance and soak to its addicting perfume.

Your Smile Will Always be Beautiful

Your Smile will Always be Beautiful

Your smile will always be as beautiful as a flower.Whether it wilt or fade,I don’t want to lose it forever.

We Start by Saying Goodbye

We Start by Saying Goodbye

We start by saying goodbye to the cold.
Because we trust that love will warm our hearts.
At the time red changes from anger to joy.
Redeem the lone ego that once fell apart.

I Always Find Your Light

I Always Find Your Light

I always find Your Light in my crucial moments.

Every Step You'll Take

Every Step You’ll Take

Every step you’ll take will resonates misjudgement and controversy. Might as well take the loudest path that will deafen their curiosity.

Dumidilim, Gumiginaw

Dumidilim, Gumiginaw

Dumidilim, gumiginaw ngunit may liwanag at init ang Iyong pagmamahal. Pumapanatag, kumukulay ang mundo Panginoon pag sa Iyo’y nakasandal.

The Time When We Choose Love

The Time When we Choose Love

The time when we choose love instead of being unloving. Giving in spite of being insolvent.

We We're Welcomed by Darkness

We Were Welcomed by Darkness

We were welcomed by darkness.
Yet we don’t feel abandoned.
Losses still brings sadness.
Still, we grasped that cold dawn.

The Day is the Brightest When I Live by Your Words