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To Make An Art I Befriended Sadness

To Make an Art I Befriended Sadness

Just to make an art,I befriended SADNESS. As I progress,I learn to love LONELINESS.

Four Simple Ways to Love You

My Four Simple Ways to Love You

Here are My Four Simple Ways to Love You. This simple ways show how much I love You. Simple, yet I know that you will always appreciate it. Because You value everything I do. Every effort I made. Even when I doubted You. And for that, I’m sorry. Sorry for Being Weak. Making Sure to […]

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Pangarap ng Mama ay Parang sa Bata

Paano nga ba Umasa? Saan nga ba Dapat Lumugar?

Paano nga ba umasa? Pangarap ng mamà ay parang sa bata. Tulalang na-asa, hiling ay ginhawa.Kinulang sa gawa, puro lang salita.Hiling ma’y makuha di ka rin hahanga. “Nasa Diyos ang awa, Nasa tao ang gawa.” Sino ngang may akdang, madaling umasa?Maghintay sa wala’y sinsakit ng hiwa.Hiling magdamaga’y kapagod sa dila.Hintaying biyaya’y, lunuking may kutya. “Ubos, […]

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Your Smile Changes the Beat of My Heart

Your Smile Changes the Beat of My Heart

Your smile changes the beat of my heart from steady to blissful. So addicting. Fast yet so relaxing. Empowering yet harmful.
As it is so tempting.
I keep forgetting I was only dreaming.

Sorry For Being Weak

Sorry for Being Weak

Sorry for being weak and for thinking that I’m inadequate.

Kulang sa Kulay ang Buhay

Kulang sa Kulay ang Kwento ng Buhay

Kulang sa kulayang kwento ng buhay mo,kung wala kang mgakababatangkasamang bumuo nito. Kaway-kaway sa mga kaibigan kong nagturo sakin ng mga kalokohan. 😀

A Canvas With No Color

A Canvas with no Color

She took a deep breath before asking someone for the door.Yes, this is her house, yet she never felt this nervous. At her feet there were bags full of cloths,and inside her arms, a cute baby boy was sleeping. She took a glance and gave a sweet smile at the boy before finally decided knocking. […]

September - Replenish Hopes and Fills Our Excitements

September Replenish Hopes and Fills our Excitements

Replenish hopes and fills our excitements.Gives power to move forward, relive faith.As it yells the start of the happiest season.We forget the past and smile for one same reason.The 13th-month pay expectation! 😀

Heroes Must Not Be Labeled By How They Do Heroism

Heroes Must Not Be Labeled by How They Do Heroism

Salute to all the people who held their torch up high just to bring light to others. Heroes must not be labeled by how they do heroism. Why they do such things for the sake of others is much more important than how they do it.

Even In Darkest Times

Even in Darkest Times

Even in darkest timesYour Light makesevery minute,every day,every yearmore and more beautiful.Thank you Lord for always guiding me.