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Quotes About Love – From Light Gray to Red

Quotes About Love - From Light Gray to Red

Here’s Quotetastrophe’s collection of quotes about love. Whether its about family, friends, partner or faith. We share it. We share our emotions. All emotions in visual posters. If you happened to find it interesting. Feel free to share it with your love ones.

Our Most Saved Quotes about Love

Love and Faith for God

First we start off by sending our prayers. Here are quotes related to faith and love for God. I think the easiest quotes to create because there’s so much to be thankful for. In spite of our differences. We still share the same love and guidance from our creator.

Seeing Everyone Else Smile is Contentment

Seeing my family, friends and everyone else smile is contentment.
Thank you Lord for the love.

My Four Simple Ways to Love You

Every minute, every sadness, every happiness. I will reach you. Because You are my strength. You give me positivity. The one that lightens my every day burden.

Motivational Quotes about Love

This quotes will help motivate and boost our self confidence. Don’t be afraid to give love. Whatever the downside or even if we won’t received the same love. Still the happiness and joy our love brings are much more valuable than regrets.

Sometimes Those Who Hides Pain and Negativity

Sometimes those who hides pain and negativity.
Uses the most used Love react meaningfully.

Demotivational Quotes about Love

Fun and stupid quotes about love. Well of course, its not always bright and sunny. Sometimes sadness and stupidity makes imperfection sounds fun and interesting. However painful or sorrowful it may sounds this lessons will help us learn.

Your Smile Changes the Beat of My Heart

Your smile changes the beat of my heart from steady to blissful.
So addicting. Fast yet so relaxing.
Empowering yet harmful.
As it is so tempting. I keep forgetting I was only dreaming.

Reminiscing Your Smiles at Night

Reminiscing your smiles at night, hoping to see you in my dreams.

Then waking up wishing I lose sight, of mementos that’s so haunting.

The World is too Big that Every Time It Circles it Pours Happiness

The world is too big, that every time it circles it pours happiness.

We’re just too blind to see that, because we choose to be sad…

Quotes about Family

Finally, quotes to help you learn and treasure your family. Learn to appreciate your parents in spite of their shortcomings. However good or bad a situation is still learn to value every moments with your love ones. Because in the end, everything we have is temporary.

A Canvas with no Color

She’s weakened yet every time she feels her baby’s warmth, every part of her is being healed.

It’s like a morphine for a wounded soldier, an oasis for a thirsty traveler.It was like a sack full of hope for every misfortune she took.

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Be a MAN to your PARTNER, stay CHILDLIKE to your MOTHER…

napilitang magpakilala sa iyong itay,
nangakong lagi ng susundin ang iyong inay,
napalaban para makuha ang iyong kamay,
ngayon nga’y nakamit na ang minimithing password ng inyong wifi

The first time I consciously hugged my father was actually the last time…

I was never a good son, but I’m willing to be a great father…

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