The Beginning, The Reset

The Beginning The Reset

The beginning, the reset.
Sparks our positivy.
The best time to throw away negativity.

We yell as we look forward for a change.
Takes befitting challenges and jump
for success.

Though our fire only last while it’s being fed.
And triumph can only be achieved by those
who don’t falter.

Still, we hoped, still, we stride.
Still, we smile..

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To Step Away from Negativity

To Step Away From Negativity

To step away from negativity, we start by
looking forward.
We think about solutions, instead of drawbacks.
Yeah, we smile with bloodied feet,
because we crawled.
We continue to march.
Just like a beautiful butterfly we struggle.
Either to fly gracefully or continue
crawling battles.
Wouldn’t matter if you know
what you love and after.

Your Smile will Always be Beautiful

Your Smile will Always be Beautiful

Your smile will always be as beautiful as a flower.Whether it wilt or fade,I don’t want to lose it forever.

God Sweet Music

God’s Sweet Music

God’s sweet music always struck at desperate times.
So calming, so relaxing.
So comforting that sometimes we took each embraces for granted.