A Canvas with no Color

A Canvas with no Color

She took a deep breath before asking someone for the door.
Yes, this is her house, yet she never felt this nervous.

At her feet there were bags full of cloths,
and inside her arms, a cute baby boy was sleeping.

She took a glance and gave a sweet smile at the boy before finally decided knocking.

An old man open the door, stood silently at her front accessing the situation.
For a moment she felt like a stranger, he was never this cold.

The old man silently walks back in leaving her with just a gloomy stare.
It was enough to put her eyes to tears. Heart crushed, yet when she look at the boy in her arms,
she still managed to drew a sweet smile on her face.

She was invulnerable.

She’s weakened yet every time she feels her baby’s warmth,
every part of her is being healed.

It’s like a morphine for a wounded soldier,
an oasis for a thirsty traveler.
It was like a sack full of hope for every misfortune she took.

She managed to gathered strength to pushed the barrier.
The courage she gained from her baby helped her to stood in front of her parents.

Though only the sound of her sobbing was being heard.

You imagine seeing a very sad painting.
A woman standing in front of her parents crying and begging for forgiveness.

It was a canvass full of sorrow.

Yes, it was a failure when misjudged.
Yet never a mistake neither a regret from her side.
She’s there to accept all the pain. All for him.
All for her baby’s sake.

A small soft hand caressed her cheek to wipe her tears.
Her baby’s finally awoken. Her strength, her hope, her angel.
The familiar sweet smile re-appeared in her face.
In an instance, the scene change drastically.

The baby’s sweet kiss broke the silence.
The warmth of her baby’s hug melted the coldness in their heart.
Her baby’s three simple words completely repainted the scene.
It was now a canvass full of lively colors.

A baby walking towards his grandparents, wearing a sweet smile on his face.
Smile resemblance to his mother. The same smile they have longed for years.
The smile that tickles their heart.
The same smile that completed their lives.

The smile that they can never resist.

No needs for words. Just hugs and kisses. No need for pride. Just forgiveness and acceptance.
They knew the bond that was broken, was now being tied tighter. More tighter than it was ever been.

And the canvas full of love will continue to shine for a very long time.


Wonder what the three simple words the baby said to change everything? Well you already know, its “CUT! Next scene! 😀

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