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Hope Tomorrows News

Hope Tomorrow’s News

Hope tomorrow’s news about increase in deaths and infected is just an April Fools joke.

Even A Beautiful Flower

Even a Beautiful Flower

Even a beautiful flower will be labeled cheap and inferior in someone’s eyes.
It isn’t about the differences,
it is just discontentment that makes us blind.

Panginoon, Tulungan Mo Po Kami

Panginoon, Tulungan mo po Kami

Panginoon, tulungan mo po kami
sa panibagong pagsubok. Bigyan mo po kami ng lakas at tapang na umahon sa aming pagkalubog. Amen

Every Night Has This Color

Every Night has This Two Beautiful Color

Every night has this two beautiful color.
Black that teaches you the wrongs
and help prevent you from downfall.
And the light that reassures hope,
that keeps you focus on future goals.

God's Sweet Music

God’s Sweet Music

God’s sweet music always struck at desperate times.
So calming, so relaxing.
So comforting that sometimes we took each embraces for granted.

We Who is Able

We Who is Able Yet Rotten


Every Step You'll Take

Every Step You’ll Take

Every step you’ll take will resonates misjudgement and controversy. Might as well take the loudest path that will deafen their curiosity.

Death is A Sad Way

Death is a Sad Way

Death is a sad way to bring family closer together. 🙁

Watching Your Happiness from afar Will be My Curse

Watching Your Happiness from afar will be my Curse

I am able yet I hesitated.
I knew I can, still I didn’t try.
If all I ever wanted was to see you smile.
Watching your happiness from afar will be my curse.

For the rest of my life.

Panginoon, Tulungan Mo Silang Namamanglaw

Panginoon Tulungan Mo Kaming Namamanglaw

Panginoon tulungan Mo po silang
mga namamanglaw.

Hiling po naming mapawi
ang aming lungkot ngayong araw.